China Painting Oil Painting Pastel Sculpture Hand Painted Clothing
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Pastels 1-10
Pastels 11-20
Pastels 21-29
  Don't Fence Me In 7x19 1/2 $900.001  
White Tigers 20x24 $1,000.002 Mourning Doves 11x14 $400.003 Flower Dance 11x14 $600.004
Sharing the Sea 16x20 $800.005 White Owl 8x10 $150.006 Sierra Beauty 18x24 $500.007
Marilyn 16x20 $500.008 Happy Bo Bappy $800.009 Pitigiano Resident 17x20 $600.0010
Lazy Daze 16x20 $700.0011 Orangutan 18x24 $900.0012 Mea Culpa 8x10 $150.0013
Cat In Sink 11x14 $550.0014 Fair Birds 16x20 $600.0015 Lion Hear 8x10 $250.0016
Flying Hoofs 11X14 $800.0017 I Am Cat 16X20 $1,000.0018 Rocky Mountain Goats 16X20 $60019
Afghan Sold20 This Pastel was made into a Greeting Card. Ask me about Greeting Cards.21 Love on the Hoof 11X14 $80022
Rodeo Clown 16x20 $600.0023 California Cows 16X18 $60024 Man and Wife Portrait Sold25
Bonnie and Friends 11X14 $25026 Ready to Ride 16x20 $500.0027 Buffallo Bill 11x14 $800.0028
  Owl Pastel 11x14 $150.0029  

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